Windows Hibernate and Database Connections

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Windows Hibernate and Database Connections

Postby forumadmin » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:15 am

DraftLogic Electrical is built on top of AutoCAD & Microsoft SQL Server. AutoCAD & the DraftLogic Electrical executables that load with it are reasonably tolerant of being 'hibernated' and used again after Windows has reawaken. The SQL Server connections...not so much!

DraftLogic Electrical has been built to attempt to 'heal' broken database connections. So when you return from Windows hibernate, or any other potential SQL Server connection interrupting event, DraftLogic Electrical may need to do some extra work to get up and running again.

To test if your database connection is OK, just double-click on any DraftLogic Electrical block in AutoCAD model space to launch the Attribute Editor. A slight delay in its opening means that the database connection was broken and DraftLogic Electrical is attempting to heal it. If the Attribute Editor opens, all is now well. If you get a DraftLogic Electrical Trouble Report dialog, the connection was not able to be healed on the initial attempt. In this case, repeat the operation--double click again on the DraftLogic Electrical block in AutoCAD model space & it is likely that the Attribute Editor will open this time. In rare cases, you will get the DraftLogic Electrical Trouble Report dialog again, which indicates that the database connection still could not be healed--you'll need to shutdown and restart AutoCAD & all should be well.

The four DraftLogic Electrical Libraries (Room Library, Design Parameter Library, Project Library, and Room Library) use a different connection than our components in AutoCAD. To heal their database connection, close all the Libraries down and reopen them, the database connection should be healed and the Library should open successfully.
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