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Client Deliverables Overview


A Plethora of Client Deliverables

The end product of the many hours you spend on an electrical design project are the floor plans & schedules you deliver to the client. 

The accuracy, completeness, and professionalism of the floor plans & schedules thus determine how the client is going to judge whether the fees paid to you were well spent or not.  Design reviewers and engineers at electrical design firms spend untold hours checking the work of their peers to ensure that errors don’t go out to clients.  Even with a high degree of diligence, however, errors still creep out since we are all just human.

DraftLogic Electrical never counts wrong, never adds wrong, and never plugs the numbers into a formula the wrong way.  Your schedules will always be accurate, complete, and professional…and better yet, they will take seconds to generate instead of hours!

We have spoken with electrical design firms that stopped including things like luminaire counts on their luminaire schedule, simply for fear of providing the wrong count.  Fear no longer.

DraftLogic Electrical generates a broad number of schedules--all fully automatically.  Here is a list with short descriptions, click on the links for more information about each individual schedule:



Single Line Diagram Thumbnail
Automated Protection and Conductor Selection
DraftLogic Electrical’s patent-pending Automated Distribution & Motors Protection and Conductor Calculations provide building systems designers quick and accurate selection of protection and conductors for their entire project.  This automation relies on the user's selection of CEC or NEC standards and applies the selected electrical code to protection and conductor selections.  DraftLogic Electrical removes the tedious table-searching part of protection/conductor/kVA selection but still gives the designer complete control over the protection and conductors used throughout the distribution network of their project.  


Single Line Diagram Thumbnail
Single Line Diagram
A visual representation of the entire power tree in a project (i.e. the distribution devices and their relationships).  Bus, breaker, feeder, and fault levels are reported for all applicable devices.  Devices of the same voltage service are grouped in columns to be easily distinguished from others.  Large motors are also shown.
Panel Schedule Thumbnail Bottom Right
Panel Schedules
A circuit by circuit schedule for all panels and ‘panel-like’ distribution equipment including main distribution panels, branch circuit panels, central distribution panels, motor control centers, and all other panel-like devices; includes loads reported by phase and by load type with unique diversities applied to each load type; bus /  breaker / and feeder are all automatically calculated.
Fault Levels On Single Line Thumbnail

Fault Levels
The intricate calculations necessary to determine the fault level that can occur at each device in the power tree are built into DraftLogic Electrical and shown in several schedules.  They are updated each time a panel schedule, single line diagram, or the fault levels schedules are requested.

Luminaire Schedule Left Side Thumbnail
Luminaire Schedule
A listing of all fixtures in the project, grouped by fixture type including total project quantities for each type;  the type code is the same as used in the drawing in fixture tags.
Luminaire Catalogue Thumbnail Left Side
Luminaire Catalogue
A project specific catalogue for the luminaires used in the drawing including all beneficial data from the fixture database and the image that has been assigned to each fixture.
Lighting Floor Plan
Floor Plans
Viewports are automatically created for each floor individually with layers selected as per the type of floor plans requested (there are six types of floor plans to choose from).  Move the viewports as you please to consolidate onto fewer layouts or keep them separate and fill the surrounding space with schedules & the title block.
Bill of Materials Thumbnail Conduit & Wire Section
Bill of Materials
A complete schedule of all devices and materials used in a project.  Includes wire and conduit, devices from all systems, and detail on panels and their breakers.
A clip of the Suite Nexus Grid for performing multi unit residential derating
Suite Loads & Derating
Automated calculation and schedules for suite load derating happen automatically when suites are in a project.  DraftLogic Electrical performs all derating and suite load calculations in compliance with your choice of CEC or NEC standards and automatically produces related schedules specific to those jurisdictions.  Schedules include suite loads, meter centers, and a suite nexus grid to perform a suite load derate at any point a new collection of suites is made.  The panel schedules and single line diagram absorb the derated suite loads into their calculations.
Legend of Symbols Thumbnail Two Columns
Legend of Symbols
Gone are the days when you paste in that monstrosity of hundreds of symbols, most unused, into each and every project.  DraftLogic Electrical generates a legend of symbols in either single column portrait style or four column landscape style that includes only the symbols actually used in the drawing.
Motor Schedule Thumbnail Left Side
Motor Schedule
A detailed listing of all motors in the project with rating and controls information about each one.  Designer choice with one of our project parameters as to whether motors are included on this schedule or not (i.e. DraftLogic Electrical will produce a 'Motor Schedule' or 'Motor and Heater Schedule' at your discretion).
Kitchen Schedule Thumbnail Left Side
Kitchen Schedule
A detailed listing of all special kitchen loads.
Wattage Per Square Foot Thumbnail
Lighting Wattage Per Square Foot
The lighting total wattage, square feet of the space, and wattage per square foot reported by room, floor, and overall project.  A required reporting item for LEED and other energy efficient building projects.